MarLin Wash

- Our Landry is equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies, most efficient in the market -


Marlin’s mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations, with our unique self service concept. Marlin wash system is the safest way to launder, and will save you money and time…

Marlin’s wash is a new revolution, most innovative system, with fast cycles and best quality guaranteed. We will save you golden time; you will spend on other matters that need your attention.

Our services do not offer wash and dry only, but it goes beyond that. Our machines and products offer extra care and extend life cycle for your cloths and Laundry. We only use certified detergents and disinfectants, sourced from leading brands.

Come and visit us, entertain yourself, relax whist your laundry is taken care. You will enjoy a unique experience at Marlin, fully equipped with TV, Wi-Fi, Music, refreshers, such as Coffee, Tea, and Snacks. Our shop is surrounded with attractive shops and touristic places you would discover whist you launder.