MarLin Wash

- Laundry Self Service on the Harbour Centre -

At Marlin, you can Launder a wide range of items, such as personnel cloths, blankets, curtains, towels, sleeping bags, mats, etc.) or just drying

Enjoy our services Self Service where you can use our professional washing machines and drying with great ability to wash and dry all your clothes at once and enjoy the best preço.Terá all the support of our employees who are always gifts to offer you all the support necessário.O washing and drying process is simple, fast and efficient.

Payment Methods - Coin, Note Cards and Loyalty.

 Our Machines

1 machine 13kg; detergent, softener and disinfectant for each wash cycle 2 machines 8kg - Washing Machines

Drying machine - the machine 16kg

 Our Prices

Service Machine Price Price with Card
Wash 8kg 4,90€ 3,90€
Wash 13kg 8,40€ 6,70€
Drying (15 minutes) 16kg 1,90€ 1,60€
Iron - 1 peça - 0,75€ -
Iron- 10 parts - 7€ (0,7€/part) -
Iron- 25 parts - 15€ (0,6€/part) -
Iron- 50 parts - 27,5€ (0,55€/part) -
Iron- 100 parts - 50€ (0,5€/part) -